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María Elena




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María Elena has been an associate at OVB since 2020. Her practice is focused on complex civil and commercial litigation and national arbitration in the areas of construction, shareholder disputes, forestry, consumer law, retail, insurance and ports.


She has experience in competition, in both contentious and non-contentious procedures before the Court of Competition Defense and in the notice of concentration transactions to the National Economic Prosecutor.



    • B.A. in Legal and Social Sciences, Law School, University of Chile (2015). Sworn in by the Supreme Court in 2016.
    • Post-Graduate Certificate in Economics and Finance for Attorneys, School of Economics and Business, University of Chile (2019).
    • Competition Litigation Refresher Course: Practical Aspects and New Trends, Law School, University of Chile (2021).


    Activities and Memberships

    • Civil litigation attorney at Carey y Cía. (2016-2019).
    • Civil litigation attorney at López Escobar del Río (2019-2020).
    • Teacher Assistant in Procedural Law, University of Chile (2012-2020).
    • Teacher Assistant in the elective course of Contractual Remedies, University of Chile (2017).
    • Executive coordinator of the Modern Contracts Program at the University of Chile (2018).
    • Speaker for the University of Chile team in the International Commercial Arbitration Moot Competition organized by American University Washington College of Law in Washington, D.C., USA (2012).
    • Member of the Chilean Bar Association.



    Spanish and english.


    • A real estate company in an arbitration under CAM Santiago against a retailer for default on a supermarket construction and lease agreement (US$5 million).
    • An insurance company and arbitration regarding a port matter involving performance of property and casualty insurance contracts (US$4 million) (before joining OVB).
    • A property development management company in an arbitration under CAM Santiago against a real estate company for termination and default on a property consulting agreement (US$2 million).
    • A Valparaíso port company in a civil claim for termination of a Concession Agreement and a damage indemnity against the Valparaíso Passenger Terminal, a port concessionaire (in excess of US$16 million).
    • A company in a tort liability claim for US$4 million.
    • A vehicle insurance company in a voluntary reconciliation procedure before the National Consumer Service.
    • Banking company in an accusation filed against it by the National Economic Prosecutor in relation to a mortgage insurance tender (US$3 million).
    • A fishing companies association in claims against the Office of the Undersecretary of Fishing before the Court of Competition Defense objecting to the tender of a certain type of negotiable fishing license.
    • Various companies in investigations conducted by the National Economic Prosecutor.
    • Construction companies for damages occurring in performing lump sum, EPC and EPCM construction contracts (prior to joining OVB).
    • Different companies in contract performance and tort liability claims, in particular in relation to property leases, industrial logistics, agroindustry and elevators (prior to joining OVB).

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